The Food Shed

The FOOD SHED is open for your enjoyment on the first Friday evening of each and every month.
Mainly under cover and set in the beautifully maintained Sherwood Garden Centre in Walker Drive,
We have a large number of individual stalls catering for all types of pallets...

This evening market transforms the Garden Centre into a wonderland of lights and is something
definately not to be missed by anyone.

It’s also safe to bring along the children who can enjoy the kiddies 
play area as well as our new “KIDZ ZONE”

There is plenty of parking with security available.

THE FOOD SHED is growing in popularity and has already turned 
into an important social event encouraging quality family time, 
interaction and bringing city folk back into the beauty of nature... 
right on your doorstep.

On the menu
Sushi - Fish & Chips - Burgers - Biltong - Home made pastas - Pies - 
Curries - Lobster Tails - Oysters - Hot dogs - Eisbein - Brackwurst - 
Soup - Baked Potatoes - Thai - Portugues - Chinese - Vegetarian - 
Halaal - Spare ribs - Calamari - Cup cakes - Candy Floss - 
Ice cream - pastries - Sweets... to mention but a few... 
(please note that choice is dependant on which vendors join us monthly)

Important Info
First Friday of the Month

From 17h00 - 21h00


R10 Entry Fee to over 18’s
R5 Entry for 18 and under

Children under 7 FREE